Understanding and Setting Specific Pricing

Understanding Specific Pricing

The System offers tremendous versatility with respect to setting the Selling Price. Apart from the Pricing Slabs and Pricing Bands, you also have the ability to set a Specific Selling Price for any Customer or Sub-Reseller. The Specific Pricing overrides the Pricing Slab / Pricing Band based pricing for that Product. If you set a Specific Pricing for any of your Customers or Sub-Resellers, then irrespective of the Slab / Band that your Customer or Sub-Reseller is in, the Specific Pricing will always be applied, until removed.


Setting Specific Pricing for your Customer / Sub-Reseller

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. Search for the particular Customer / Sub-Reseller for whom you want to set Specific Pricing for any Product.

  3. Click the Customer / Sub-Reseller Name to proceed to the Order Information view.

  4. Select the Product whose Pricing you wish to modify and click the Pricing button.

  5. You will be presented with an interface from where you can view your Cost Price along with generic Pricing Slabs. You may refer these while setting the Specific Pricing for this Product for a Customer/Sub-Reseller.

  6. Set the desired Pricing.


    You may also choose to offer Specific Pricing to a Sub-Reseller for a particular period of time, only in case of the following Products:

    • Domain Registration

    • Web Services

    • SiteLock

    • CodeGuard

    To set Specific Price Period for a Sub-Reseller (Anchor: period):

    • In the Specific Price Period interface, click the textbox under From and set the start date in the calendar that pops up. This date needs to be in the future. The Specific Pricing becomes applicable from 00:00:00 hours GMT/UTC on that day.

    • Click the textbox under To and set the end date in the calendar that pops up. This date needs to be on or after the start date. The Specific Pricing ceases to be effective from 23:59:59 hours GMT/UTC on that day.

  7. Click the Set Specific Selling Price or Update button to save your changes.

  • The prime motive of setting Specific Pricing for a particular Customer or Sub-Reseller is to give him/her a lower pricing than the standard Pricing that he/she would have otherwise got.

  • You may even set the Specific Pricing to zero (0).


    If you set the Domain Name Transfer price for .COM domain as 0 for a particular Customer, then that Customer would be able to Transfer .COM domain names for free.

  • When you set the Specific Pricing to zero (0), an Invoice is still raised for that Product/Service but its value is zero (0). This is done only from the perspective of recording the transaction. Your Customer/Sub-Reseller is never asked to pay for this Invoice.

  • The moment you remove the Specific Pricing for a particular Customer or Sub-Reseller, the Slab Price applicable to that Customer or Sub-Reseller based on their Total Receipts figure will immediately begin to apply.

    The Total Receipts figure does not apply in case of:

    • Customers for the Domain Registration Product as Telescopic Pricing is applicable to them.

    • both Customers and Sub-Resellers for the Web Services Product, as Customers get charged based on Telescopic Pricing, while Sub-Resellers are charged as per Pricing Bands.

    • both Customers and Sub-Resellers for the SiteLock Product.

    • both Customers and Sub-Resellers for the CodeGuard Product.